WorkshopCan agrobiodiversity enhance food security facing climate change? – The insurance function of biodiversity declined through all scales

10. März 2011 bis 11. März 2011

Changing climate expressed as increased variability in temperature and precipitation (e.g. inundations, heat waves, droughts, shifts in rainy season) requires a high adaptive capacity of crop and animal breeds. Biodiversity at different scales is assigned an insurance function as it increases the probability that at least parts of the genepool, species, or ecosystems will match with changing environmental conditions. However, this insurance hypothesis deriving from ecological theory is far from being proven in the agricultural context, and also the challenges posed by a growing world population which is changing its diet toward a higher degree of meat pose trade-offs concerning the sustainability and stability of agricultural production. Network-Forum on Biodiversity Research Germany ( together with the Centre for Tropical and Subtropical Agriculture and Forestry, CeTSAF, invited an interdisciplinary and international group of participants to discuss the various mechanisms based on biodiversity that might ensure food security. Further possible trade-offs between high biodiversity and productivity, research needs as well as action demands were to be analysed and discussed.