Pan-European stakeholder consultation to support the intersessional process of IPBES

16th to 18th of July, 2013

Leipzig, Germany

KUBUS, Helmholtz-Centre for Environmental Research - UFZ


Background of the meeting

With its first plenary meeting held in January 2013 in Bonn, Germany, the Intergovernmental Platform on Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services (IPBES) has moved into its operational phase. The newly elected Bureau and Multidisciplinary Expert Panel (MEP) prepared key documents for the future functioning and the first thematic activities of IPBES: the draft work programme (2014-2018), the draft of a Stakeholder Engagement Strategy and on Strategic Partnerships, as well as on adminisatrtive and procedural matters. From June, 17th to July 28th, these documents were released for public consultation, and governments and stakeholders of IPBES, like regional knowledge networks, were asked to provide their comments.

As it has been emphasized repeatedly, regional perspectives and thus regional networking of stakeholders will play a crucial role in making IPBES a success. For Europe, this implies bringing together stakeholders across the two UN-regions WEOG (Western European Countries and Others Group) and EEG (Eastern European Countries). Accordingly, we aimed at offering a pan-European forum for discussion and input at this critical phase of the emerging IPBES, and invited interested experts, knowledge holders and other stakeholders to our meeting in Leipzig, Germany (programme).


Objectives of the meeting

  • To inform the European biodiversity knowledge community on the IPBES process
  • To provide direct input into the IPBES intersessional consultation in June/July by developing recommendations from a pan-European perspective, on
  • The draft work programme 2014-2018
  • The draft stakeholder engagement strategy for supporting the implementation of the work programme
  • To discuss and explore the options for the future support of IPBES from a (pan-) European regional perspective


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Outcome and documentation of the meeting (updated 6.8.13)

We would like to thank all conference participants for a lively and open discussion and an inspiring mutual learning process. During the conference three break-out groups developed key documents to inform the IPBES process and discuss the pan-European dimension of IPBES.

The following documents were produced:

These documents can also be viewed on the official IPBES website http://ipbes.net/events-feed/362-pan-eur-stakeholder-meeting.html.

Introductory presentations (day 1):

  • Dr. Carsten Neßhöver (UFZ, NeFo): Welcome and introduction (pdf)

  • Nalini Sharma (UNEP) & Thomas Koetz (UNEP-WCMC): Introducing IPBES: the Intergovernmental Platform on Biodiversity & Ecosystem Services (video, pdf)

  • Dr. Anne Larigauderie (ICSU): Stakeholder Engagement Strategy for the Implementation of the IPBES Work Programme (video, pdf)

  • Dr. Hendrik Segers (Royal Belgian Institute of Natural Sciences): European Support for IPBES - some general considerations (video, pdf)

Workshop report:

An overall workshop report is avaliable here.


Organisation and Funding 


The conference was jointly organized by the German network and forum for biodiversity research (NeFo) and other national biodiversity platforms and networks.

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