World Biodiversity Forum

The Fo­rum will pro­vi­de a plat­form for ex­ch­an­ge, co­ver­ing a wi­de ran­ge of per­spec­tives, and cap­tu­ring a di­ver­si­ty of vi­si­ons. With this, it aims to re­de­fi­ne and set the agen­da for bio­di­ver­si­ty as a fo­cal point over the next 10 ye­ars in cur­rent the­mes and to­pics across sec­tors. In this, the Fo­rum sup­ports the “New Deal for Na­tu­re” to be for­ged by the Con­ven­ti­on on Bio­lo­gi­cal Di­ver­si­ty at the end of 2020. It is li­gned with Su­stainable De­ve­lop­ment Goals and achie­ve­ment of which will re­qui­re the in­vol­ve­ment of all sec­tors/so­cietal ac­tors, so­cietal con­sen­sus and collec­tive se­arch for so­lu­ti­ons to con­ser­ve bio­di­ver­si­ty.


23. February 2020 to 29. February 2020
Davos, Schweiz