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About NeFo

The German Network-Forum for Biodiversity Research (NeFo) is the national focal point for scientists, policy-makers and other stakeholders working in the field of biodiversity research and policies. NeFo was set up to improve the information and knowledge exchange both between and within these different stakeholder groups (e.g. between different research disciplines). Our aim is to increase the awareness of the value of biodiversity among policy makers and the society, and the important role scientists play to analyse the drivers of biodiversity change in order to identify solutions for its conservation.

Currently, NeFo has a particular focus on the newly established Intergovernmental Science-Policy Platform on Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services (IPBES), which had its first plenary in January 2013 (IPBES-1). NeFo aims at facilitating the involvement of the German biodiversity community in this IPBES process. Our capacity building comprises national and pan-European workshops, provision of information about IPBES and the possibilities for participation. Beyond, we support the German ministries engaged in IPBES by e.g. identifying (scientific) topics relevant for IPBES, feeding in of comments on IPBES documents and representatively attending important IPBES meetings.

Since NeFo initially is a national science-policy interface, our website is primarily in German. However, our team is working internationally interacting intensively with partners on the EU and UN-level. So, we shall be happy to receive your requests. Below you can find an overview about our English activities and producs.


The Pan European IPBES Stakeholder Constultation (PESC)

A bottom-up contribution of European and Central Asian experts to the Intergovernmental Platform on Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services (IPBES)


NeFo blogs from international biodversity policy conferences


IPBES Plenarsaal Blick von hinten auf Podium
IPBES Plenum in Bonn
Foto: NeFo


NeFo fact sheets


We provide some of our factsheets on different topics in English.


Biodiversity Science-Policy Interfaces Network for Early Career Scientists (BSPIN)






The Biodiversity Science-Policy Interfaces Network for Early Career Scientists (BSPIN) is an initiative of a group of young scientists dealing with issues of biodiversity-related science-policy interfaces (SPIs), such as IPBES and CBD. The main objectives of BSPIN are i) linking ECS among each other and to other stakeholders in SPI processes, ii) improve capacities of ECS to engage in global biodiversity-related SPIs, iii) foster inter- and transdisciplinary research, iv) communicate the potential of ECS regarding IPBES (and related SPIs), and v) encourage practical involvement of ECS in these SPIs.

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