Workshop: IPBES Function “Policy Support Tools and Methodologies” – options for future activities

Where: Helmholtz Centre for Environmental Research, UFZ in Leipzig, Germany

When: from 16th to 17th of January, 2018 (two full days)

The purpose of the workshop is to reflect the policy support function of IPBES and to discuss what IPBES would ideally deliver to meet the needs of policy makers and practitioners. This discussion should lead into recommendations for the future work of IPBES, potentially including new mechanisms. The results shall be made available for the forthcoming IPBES plenary (March 2018) so that they may be considered as elements for the second IPBES work programme planned to start in 2020. With the focus set on practitioners’ needs, the workshop will be made up of a heterogeneous body of participants (on invitation) allowing for a broader view beyond those offered by experts already involved in IPBES policy support activities.


The workshop will take place in the Leipzig Kubus on the UFZ campus, Permoserstraße 15, 04318 Leipzig.