Let's review IPBES, when the work has been done...

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Malte Timpte – NeFo, Museum für Naturkunde Berlin - Leibniz Institute for Evolution and Biodiversity Science


Portrait von Malte Timpte
Malte Timpte

Before IPBES-4, a draft procedure for the review of the effectiveness of the administrative and scientific functions of the Intergovernmental Platform on Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services has been published and comments from Governments and Observer were invited (IPBES/4/16: Deliverable 4(e): Procedure for the review of the Platform [pdf]).

Especially the 25 experts serving as the Multidisciplinary Expert Panel were interested in a mid-term review and an external review of the processes and functions of the platform.

However, most member states raised concerns about the costs for a mid-term review and the meaning at the current stage, since most deliverables of the first work programme are still in the making. Several interventions were calling for an end-of-work review after the implementation of the work programme. Not every member state saw the need for an external review, due to the costs considering the tight IPBES budget.

The plenary therefore decided to welcome the proposed procedure of the review, but agreed to take up the discussion again at IPBES-5. The draft for the review procedure will remain in brackets until next year. Governments and stakeholders are invited to provide their views on the draft in the meantime. The Multidisciplinary Expert Panel was asked to work with the Bureau on the scope and the terms of reference for a future review of IPBES. (See also Chapter VII in IPBES/4/L.5)

The group of coordinated stakeholders present at IPBES-4 explained, that they "...will continue to follow closely and scrutinize the functioning of the platform and the implementation of the work program." They stand ready to improve the process further.

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